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At first sight, it may seem I am just another freelancer overthinking and looking for his spot in this field of expertise, but never further from reality.

As a child I used to lock myself up for reading, even as a teenager I used to read anything that came to my hands. Never minding languages nor the matter of the writings. This also made me travelling a lot to find new places or discovering those from my readings. Which lead me to a continuous state of self improvement and to a "learning hunger", as it might be called.

Now, it remains almost the same, except that, thanks to my job as a translator, editing or proofreading it is easier to learn from so many different fields every day.

After reading this, it might look I am a loner, so it might relief to know that I also learn and greatly enjoy teaching English, French and Spanish, at all ages.

To sum up, I have a real love for my job, and due to my rare and wide experience, I am sure I will be able to help you with your linguistic needs.

Please, feel free to visit the entire web site and contact me to solve all your doubts, and let me help you to cover your needs.

Elsa Martínez Gómez
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